25 Tips and Tricks To Sell Your Home

We’ve compiled 25 tip and tricks to sell your home!  Some are tried and true, and some are new.  But all will help you get more money in a market where BUYERS WILLINGLY PAY MORE FOR “MOVE-IN READY”.

Sell Your Home – Tips and Tricks

#1  Make Rooms Lighter with Better Lighting.  You don’t need new lamps… just new light bulbs.  The best – new “daylight” fluorescent bulbs equivalent to a 100 watt bulb.

#2 Make Your Closets Seem Bigger.  Put half your wardrobe and clothing in storage.  Buyers love to look at closet space, and half – empty closets give the impression of space!

#3 Kitchen First.  This is the most important room for buyers.  It’s one of the first they will see.  And it’s the one they spend the most time in.  If you need to prioritize your home prep time and money, put it in the kitchen first.

#4  Smell is One of the First Impressions.  A home can look great, but an off-smell will make buyers walk out the door.  Cigarette smoke is a deal-killer.  Cat litter boxes are a close second.  Freshen up, then get an independent opinion from a friend just to make sure.

#5 Banish the Dog. (See #4)  We’re dog lovers too, but it’s hard to get around the fact that dog fur has a certain smell.  Just as important, some buyers are uncomfortable with dogs during a showing, even if they are in the garage or a crate.  Better to find some temporary quarters for your beloved pets.

#6 Upgrade to New Power Outlets with USB Ports.  It doesn’t cost a lot.  These are sooooo handy in places like the kitchen where people regularly charge their smartphones.

#7  Update Wiring for Internet and Flat Screens.  Look into inexpensive options such as a wireless router.

#8  Taken Down heavy Drapes and Curtains.  Buyers love light.  It’s just about the number one “must have” to sell your home.  Remove any window treatments that block light from streaming into your home.

#9  Spruce up Bedding.  New stylish bedcovers and throw pillows can really update your bedroom for not very much money.

#10  Upgrade Doorknobs.  Remove any old or corroded door knobs, especially on the front door.  The whole door will look newer.

#11  Fix up Landscaping.  Focus on the front entryway, and front yard to boost curb appeal.

#12  Paint or Stain the Front Door.  When a buyer comes to your home, they will stand in front of the door for 5-10 seconds waiting for the agent to unlock it.  Make sure it looks good – this will greatly help you sell your home.

#13  Lubricate the Front Door Lock.  It sounds minor, but buyers and their agent can get a bad first impression if they are left standing at the front door trying to jiggle a frozen or corroded lock.  It’s frustrating to them, and makes them think “What else is wrong?”

#14 Add Mirrors.  Mirrors reflect light and space, making small rooms feel bigger.  This can be very useful if you have a small kitchen or small dining room.

#15  Remove Wallpaper.  1990s wallpaper was hot in 1990.  Today, it’s as cold as a Minnesota winter.  Hire a wallpaper removal specialist – they can take down a kitchen or bath within 4 hours at a reasonable cost.

#16  Clean Garage.  Just like closets, buyers like to see storage space in the garage.  Rent a portable storage container, and give your home greater space.

#17  Clean Off Those Tables.  Knick-knacks, doodads, curio, baubles, gewgaw… whatever you call it, pack t up.  Clear tabletops make a room look cleaner and neater

#18  Clean Off Those Counters.  Clear counters make a kitchen look larger.  Get rid of everything except a coffee maker and knife block.

#19 Remove Mildew from Bathroom.  Full bath renovations can be expensive. Make sure your bath looks clean no matter what the age.  Remove all stains and mildew marks in the tub and floor grout.

#20  Remove Yourself from your House.  You are moving… remove your personal mementos and photos.  Make room for your buyer to mentally move in to your house during a showing.

#21  Remove Half Your Furniture.  Make your rooms look larger!

#22  Deep Clean Your Appliances.  If you have stainless, polish the surfaces for a nice shine free of smudges and stains.  Replace metal burner bowls on electric stoves.  Polish glass cooktops with a cleaner made for that purpose.  The extra shine will go a long way in making your kitchen bright and new.

#23  Clean Carpets.  Even if they are not too dirty, a fresh cleaning will make carpet fibers stand up better, giving them a full, plush look.

#24  Clean Windows.  It’s amazing how much more light comes through a completely clean window!

#25 Price it Right!  The best fix for a home is an attractive price!

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