2015 and Beyond: 5 Future Trends That will Add Home Value.

Homes sales are starting to gain steam after several slow years of economic growth. And home buyers are starting to think about more than price when looking for that perfect home.

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Click. Find Your Home Value


5 Future Trends That will Add Home Value.

Unique Outdoor Living Spaces. It can be as simple as a fire pit surrounded by seating or as big as a custom designed tree house. Outdoor living spaces are big. A wood or metal garden house, pergola, gazebo, or an elegant outdoor seating area can add style to your home and bring in a higher value.

Home Theaters. Today’s big screen TVs can dwarf the average living room. With society accepting ever more sophisticated electronics and home entertainment, TV and movie viewing have no place to go but a special room. A home theater can be working into an existing basement or unused formal living room space.

Water features. Fountains, ponds, and waterfalls are becoming more common focal points – both inside and outside a home. An attractive feature cleaning designed in wood or concrete can help bring the outdoors in – a trend increasingly popular with today’s buyers.

Modern, spacious Kitchen designs. Gone are the days of the 1950 galley kitchen. Today kitchens are more than a food preparation area. They serve as the social center for families, and can also be the meeting place for entertainment gatherings. A kitchen specifically designed for entertaining will definitely add home value.

Green ideas for interior design. Beyond traditional energy efficiency, future buyers will have an eye for sustainability and health. This translates into home features such as indoor gardens and green spaces.

Today’s home market is rapidly changing with advances in technology and design. If you’re interested in appealing to future buyers (and living in a great house in the meantime) you should look for ways to incorporate these future trends that will add home value.

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