Improve Your Home Value With Big Energy Efficiency Rebates

Improve your home value with big energy efficiency rebates from the City of Tallahassee Utilities.

One of the best ways to attract home buyers and improve your home value is to make your home more energy efficient.  Today’s buyers consistently rank energy efficiency as one of their most important factors in selecting a home for sale.  In Tallahassee, you can improve your home value and save a lot of money with Natural Gas Appliance Rebates from the City of Tallahassee.

Even better – Tallahassee is offering DOUBLE REBATES from now until September 30 if you purchase a natural gas appliance.  Some examples of the double rebate:

Gas Dryer – Up to $400

Gas Water Heater – Up to $1350

Gas Range – Up to $400

Gas BBQ – Up to $200

Installation work can be completed up until December 5, so there is plenty of time if you purchase your gas appliance now.

Today’s home buyers are really into saving money and living a convenient lifestyle.  How does this affect your home value?  As with any type of sales, the more your product – your home – matches what a buyer wants, the more the buyer will pay.  Think iPhone6.  Gas appliances are hot!  Natural gas prices are down so they provide residents with a cheaper alternative to electricity.  Plus, gas appliances provide quicker heat – faster showers, faster meals.  It’s the convenience home buyers are looking for.

Natural gas service is available in many Tallahassee neighborhoods including Ox Bottom, Betton Hills, Summerbrooke to name a few.  Questions about you home value?

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