Tallahassee Home Value Report: Ox Bottom Manor

Ox Bottom Manor Home Values and Home Sales

Ox Bottom Manor is one of Tallahassee’s sought-after neighborhoods.  There continues to be strong demand for Ox Bottom homes that have been upgraded and maintained in good condition.  Here’s a quick snapshot of Ox Bottom home sales, median sale prices, and values expressed as price per square foot.  Almost all Tallahassee home sales peaked in 2007.  Ox Bottom is interesting in that it peaked in 2007 and slowed through the next few years. However, the number of homes sold surged in 2013 to the highest in recent memory. However, Ox Bottom home sales declined significantly in 2014, back to typical post-boom levels.  Tallahassee home value levels are largely a function of the demand for homes.  A slowing number of home sales will probably impact home values. we can expect to see a slight decline in prices, or at best, a leveling off of prices.

Ox Bottom Home Value Sales

Ox Bottom median sales prices bottomed out in 2011 and slowly rose through 2013. But prices have slipped slightly in 2014.


Ox Bottom price per square foot numbers have held strong through the past 3 years, which is a good indicator of Ox Bottom home values remaining strong.  Overall, Ox Bottom remains at the forefront of strong Tallahassee home value.





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