Tallahassee Median Home Sale Price

The Florida Association of Realtors latest data for November 2013 reports that the Tallahassee median home sale price rose 1% over the median home sale price a year earlier.  Median sale prices are a good indicator of price activity.  Unlike average sale prices, they are not biased by a small number of high-end home sales that can drive the average price upward.

Tallahassee median home sale rises

The Tallahassee median home sale price has been steadily rising since it hit bottom in November 2011 at a price of $159,000.  The median sale price in November was $190,000.  The highest Tallahassee median sale price logged in since the market crash occurred in May 2013 when the median price hit $191,000.  The rising median sale price is  good indicator of rising Tallahassee home values.

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