Tallahassee Median Home Value for 2014

The Tallahassee median home value for 2014 is $154,900. That’s up a half percent (0.5%) from the 2013 value of $154,000. While Tallahassee home values continue to show improvement, the half-percent rise represents a slowdown from the previous 2 years where values have risen in the range of 3%.Tallahassee-Median-Home-Value

Tallahassee Median Home Value in 2015?

Where will Tallahassee median home values go in 2015? Zillow predicts values will rise by about 1% based on their model forecasting. National forecasters says the market will remain relatively stable in 2015. So, for Tallahassee home values, we can expect the median home value to rise between 155,000 and 157,000.

Steady appreciation is good news, but many homeowners are still feeling pain because the current median home value is significantly below 2007 and 2008 when home values were up around $175,000. Current values are 11% below this peak. At the current appreciation rate, it would still take about another 9 years to reach the peak home value highs.

Each neighborhood is different, so you may see a higher number than the overall median value. For example, Ox Bottom median prices are up about 1%. Betton Hills median prices are up about 14%! That may not match the true rise in values, but it’s certainly not a bad thing to have prices rise so nicely! On the flip side, townhome median prices in northwest Tallahassee fell this year by about 4%.

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